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Taken from the debut release from Kryshe (aka Christian Grothe). This 40 minute live improvisation in 3 sections was recorded in the Summer of 2013. As demonstrated on Kryshe’s recent mini-album “In Between”, Grothe has a sublime understanding of space and tone. Growing is a delicate, hovering soundworld, pulsing with life yet never leaving a trace of its creator’s presence.

Read more here - www.hiddenshoal.com/project/kryshe/

This music is available for licensing. Email Cam at Hidden Shoal for more details: cam[@]hiddenshoal.com

Brother Earth‘s ‘Out Like a Lion’ from their recent album Positive Haywires is as arresting as it almost not even there. As if breathed into existence by a group of slacker ghosts, the song lilts and turns, crashing into furniture but never losing focus on some hidden goal. The incantatory vocal, the tugging nylon guitar and the insistent percussion are reminiscent of Pram at the height of their craft, yet this song is something else again and very much it’s own strange and wonderful beast. If this doesn’t soundtrack an episode of True Detective there is no justice in the world.

It was a no brainer that a collaboration between Robert Pollard collaborator and GBV producer Todd Tobias and Steve Five of The Library Is On Fire would produce something new and wonderful but Positive Haywires exceeded even my own extremely high expectations. Dig it!

We’re excited to announce that the brilliant new album Binary Rooms from German experimentalist Markus Mehr is now officially available. The album is available in all digital formats and as a limited edition CD. Head here to stream and purchase. Binary Rooms is now also part of the Hidden Shoal licensing catalogue, ready to be paired with suitably complex and engaging film and tv projects.

Drifting, falling…

This week’s featured track comes to us from Down Review, the sublime collaboration between Medard Fischer (Arc Lab) and Tim Arndt (Near The Parenthesis). Their 2009 EP From Here, For Anyone was everything fans would expect from the meeting of these two musical minds and much more. The lead track ‘Anything is Everything’ squeezes everything that is good about both artists (believe me that’s a lot!) and gently expresses the pressure across the near 6 minutes of its luscious ambient electronica landscape. It’s impossible for me not to muse around ideas of travel and movement, both spatially and emotionally, when listening to this song. I believe we described this song as “a post-midnight drive through a flaking neon city” 5 years ago and that well and truly still works for me.


Three questions with Craig Hallsworth (Tangled Star, The Slow Beings, The Bamboos, The Healers and more). From MGMT covering Tangled Star to “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives” then finishing off with The Cramps and My Bloody Valentine.

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