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What a perfectly realised album. One for the ages.

Hidden Shoal is proud to announce the release of Positive Haywires by American duo Brother Earth. To coincide with the release we also have another treat for you in the form of a new music video for the fantastic album track ‘Planet Wednesday‘.

Brother Earth brings together the formidable talents of multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias (Circus Devils) and vocalist Steve Five (The Library is on Fire). On this their debut album for Hidden Shoal Brother Earth’s shadowy, kaleidoscopic music vacillates between brooding textural pieces and exuberant rock-and-roll at the drop of a hat, chasing the ghosts of pop music past into a hall of cracked mirrors. The album’s wonderfully elastic aesthetics shift from dark and broken to sunny and playful in a matter of songs, while maintaining their own warped and beautiful logic. The album features the previously released singles ‘Out Like a Lion‘ and ‘City of Gold‘.

“It’s surprising and experimental, and quite beautiful.” – Backseat Mafia on ‘Out Like a Lion’

The album is available now on CD, limited edition cassette and digital formats via Brother Earth’s Bandcamp page.

The difference between a coating of artifice and an actual process. Stunning.

The brilliant new video work by experimental German filmmaker Stefanie Sixt.for Markus Mehr’s ‘Gymnasium/Swarms’.


Todd Tobias - SAZ city of descended masters

In advance of the release of Todd Tobias‘s new album Impossible Cities, the eagerly awaited follow-up to Medicine Show, we’re excited to present a video for the track ‘Saz’. With its fire-scorched visuals, the new video evokes the fuzzy, tribal lurch of the track itself, carving a voodoo groove that’s deeply satisfying.

Impossible Cities drops on the 28th of October and will include the bonus EP Impossible Cities 2. The album is being released on CD in Europe by the wonderful Tiny Room Records and by Todd Tobias & Hidden Shoal everywhere else. Keep your ears out for the first official single which lands on the 22nd of September.

We are incredibly excited to announce the signing of Chloë March to the Hidden Shoal roster. We’ve been fans of Chloë’s engaging, intelligent songwriting and sublime voice for a long time. Her wonderful collaborations with Hidden Shoal’s Jumpel sowed the seeds for a closer relationship that has now come to fruition. Oft compared to singular artists such as Nina Simone, Beth Gibbons and Elizabeth Fraser, March follows her own independent path, writing, engineering and producing from her home studio in south-east England. Inhabiting musical territory somewhere between art song and folk, dream-pop and electronica, the ambient and the cinematic, March embraces all these influences to create poetic, emotionally charged and intensely atmospheric songs and soundworlds.

“a luminous voice, a smoky alto that unfurls like a plume of cigarette smoke, its velvety tone a sensual narcotic… it’s hard not to think of the mythological sirens who used their hypnotic voices to lure sailors ashore” – textura

Not only does her stunning discography join our publishing catalogue, but Hidden Shoal will also re-release March’s latest album Nights Bright Days, along with a companion EP of previously unreleased tracks, on 4th November. Listen to and read more about Chloe March here.

We are extremely excited to announce the signing of Antonymes‘ back catalogue to the Hidden Shoal Publishing catalogue. Antonymes’ full range of stunning works will now be available for licensing through Hidden Shoal.

Antonymes is designer, photographer and musician Ian M. Hazeldine, based in the wilds of North Wales. The music of Antonymes emerges from the adjustments and erasures of neo-classical, ambient and minimalism, and is by its very nature cinematic, engaging, and deeply emotive. His work has been released on such labels as Hibernate, Time Released Sound, Cathedral Transmissions, Soundcolours and, of course, Hidden Shoal, and has recently featured on the Floyd Mayweather documentary 30 Days In May (Showtime), as well as numerous BBC productions.

Stream and purchase Antonymes’ releases and read more about the artist here.

“… “The Wooden Heart” is one of those discs that deserve a real, physical and mental presence, attention, heart, a meeting with his whole being. This is not the soundtrack of banal routine activities or the soundtrack of a single emotion: it is a return to self. These six songs are magical, they have the real power to slow time that has continued to accelerate for decades. Against the backdrop of pop / folk and dreamy airy, air and padded, songs written and arranged beautifully with which Kramies invites us to let go, to regain the carefree spirit of childhood, the imperturbable romance of our youth. He urges us not to close the door of our dreams. A disc to listen, to feel, which is assessed as a strong deep meditation and intimate and dreamlike. A gift, a gift.” - Pop Culture and Co.


The atmospheric production wizardry often makes these four tracks sound truly terrifying. The guitar sound is layered and nuanced, the percussion varied and interesting… really excellent”4ZZZ

Drinking deep from the poisoned well in which the streams of doom, shoegaze, sludge and post-rock co-mingle, DrAlienSmith drowns the listener in slow motion, treacle-thick riffs. Atop distorted, detuned bass guitar and cavernous drums, surges of noise and haunting synths weave through the mix like ghosts.Under Songs, DrAlienSmith’s debut EP,is a stirring exercise in monolithic instrumental songcraft, densely atmospheric yet wonderfully accessible.