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Slow Dancing Society at Luna Kafe

Slow Dancing Society‘s sixth album, The Cogent Sea, continues to receive deserved love. Our friends at Luna Kafe have posted a beautiful write of the album in their latest edition. Check out a taste below and read the full review here.

“Captain Sullivan steers the submarine deeper and deeper, and we can hear, feel and sense the sound of silence from the outside. Nothing. Maybe with the exception of tiny beeps from the sonar. Echo beeps. The vessel (of the Sullivan-class?) glides through the sea, at half speed, propellers turned off, and everything feels so brilliantly splendid. It is a pleasure ride for sure. Come on. Check in. Enjoy.” – Luna Kafe

Brother Earth Reviewed at The Underground of Happiness

“Like Elliot Smith at his best, this tune is hardly there at all in one way, it’s kinda wispy. However, the elements are so brilliantly and subtly put together, you’ll find you’ll need repeated listens to figure them out. Haunting stuff.” – The Underground of Happiness

If their first single ‘Out Like A Lion’ saw Brother Earth creeping around in the darkness weaving mesmerising magic, ‘City Of Gold’ sees them breaking into the light as fist-pumping power chords carry the song into the same realm of lo-fi rock classicism as prime GBV. This is epic dream-rock, packed into a running time of just over a minute.

‘City of Gold’ is the second single taken from Brother Earth’s forthcoming album “Positive Haywires” (16th Sept 2014) through Hidden Shoal. Check out more info here: http://www.hiddenshoal.com/project/brother-earth/

This music is available for licensing. Email Cam at Hidden Shoal for more details: cam[@]hiddenshoal.com

On ‘Machiavella’, Involved open the curtains to a widescreen electronic classic. One part ’90s IDM gravitas, one part cosmic electronica, one part driving sci-fi soundtrack, the song pulses with drama and ambience across its five-and-a-half-minute run time.

‘Machiavella’ is taken from Involved’s debut album Revolving Maze (19th September 2014), on which the duo fuse the psychedelic sounds of ’70s kosmische with ’80s electronic and more modern ambient styles, creating evocative, cinematic music. However, rather than being revisionist, the duo curate fresh sounds from a musical palette that spans 40 years. Lush synth tones are deployed with an innate sense of melody, leading the listener through widescreen narratives of enviable scope. With Revolving Maze, the title says it all: this is complex, engrossing music that transforms with each spin.

This music is available for licensing. Email Cam at Hidden Shoal for more details: cam[@]hiddenshoal.com

Taken from DrAlienSmith’s debut EP “Under Songs”, a stirring exercise in monolithic instrumental songcraft, densely atmospheric yet wonderfully accessible. Drinking deep from the poisoned well in which the streams of doom, shoegaze, sludge and post-rock co-mingle, Under Songs drowns the listener in slow motion, treacle-thick riffs. Atop distorted, detuned bass guitar and cavernous drums, surges of noise and haunting synths weave through the mix like ghosts.

Check out more info here - http://www.hiddenshoal.com/project/draliensmith/

This music is available for licensing. Email Cam at Hidden Shoal for more details: cam[@]hiddenshoal.com